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Welcome to Fairy-Kei! - Princess - 05-08-2017

Blessings you beautiful divine beeing!

Your interest for Fairy-Key has probably brought you here.
Feel free to stay as long as you like, read news, get in touch and leave some of your spirit with the community to make everybody shine!

Unfortunately I must write down some rules here:

If you cannot subscribe or login, please change to web adress http://www.fairy-kei.com as you might have trouble with cookies for login purposes.

The only accepted language for the forum is english. Private Messages might be written in any language.

Forbidden to post is:

Any form of violence, gore, dergogation, mobbing, sexual assaults, abuse or a lot of shouting (marked by BIG LETTERS).

Any form of racial, sexual or political intolerance and derogation.

Any form of commercialized advertisement, if not in the On- and Offline Shops Section, and completely if not connected to Fairy-Kei or connecting interestes.

The admins have the right to check and delete posts on their own decision. You may file a complaint to Princess, but we insist on our right of peace and friendship and will consider further steps if your behavior was too rude, extreme or illegal.

Any form of manipulating, altering or stopping the services or based server services, the supporting- or web-forum software that helps to priode the Fairy-Kei.com and Fairy-Kei.de experience is strictly forbidden as well.

Please enjoy and help others to enjoy Fairy-Key!