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Japanese vs Western FK - Mochi - 07-07-2017

Although it's the same fashion, Western Fairy Kei coords have a different "feel" than Japanese ones. Which differences do you feel stand out the most? Which style do you prefer?

I feel that the Western coords are brighter and much more vintage inspired- perhaps because the vintage items are easier available in the US. There's more things like Barbie, Care Bears, etc.

Whereas I feel the Japanese coords have a softer and more dreamy feel, with less concrete motifs (specific characters are less common).

My FK coords are based on the Japanese style, as I prefer the "feel" of it more and it just suits my personal style more. 
I'm not a fan of using vintage characters, but the vintage pastel panda sweater is something I love (but feel like I'll never be able to get tbh)

RE: Japanese vs Western FK - virtualpetz - 12-10-2017

i find a lot of "OTT" elements in western fairy kei, especially when it comes to layering hair accessories and jewelry. there's also the whole vintage pastel sweater craze (i'm not that sure how popular they are in japan, but i only seen them worn a lot when it comes to emulating spank style).

i feel like japanese fairy kei coords are more muted, in a way? perhaps it's not the right word, but i've noticed a trend of coordinates that feel a little toned down in comparison to the west. i'm not sure if this really makes sense, but western coords feel more "busy" to me

RE: Japanese vs Western FK - Mochi - 12-31-2017

Yes, agreed! I love the vintage pastel sweaters so much- I don't have my dream panda one, but that's okay Tongue I do have an oversized vintage sweater very similar to the Unif rainbow pastel sweater, and I guess that's satisfying enough for me ^^

Japanese FK is certainly more muted- especially when it comes to colours. Pastels are pastels, but in Western FK I usually see brighter shades of pastels being used c: