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Tokyo Street finds - Princess - 01-11-2018

Hi Fairies!

As virtualpetz brought into discussion creamy ice, I googled some of his items and found this article:


acutally with the following picture:

[Image: NK-2017-09-02-012-001-Harajuku-DSC-1585.jpg]

actually, except the bag and the cap, for my taste, that male outfit is way too few fantastic and frisky. The trousers have no cut, its rather a bag. In contrast to the girl he just fades away and your eyes feel ashamed by this uglyness.
Disregarding his choice in colors which is nice, there are no elements, except the bag that catch view or mind. The woman has the ribbons, sewd patterns on her dress, shoe laces, the fantastic hat, all this missing with the boy. A simple big plush sewd on button with a contrast color on the running jacket could make such a big difference here. Something like a idea of a toy or candy, rainbows or love fantasy symbols. With the trousers, well if you like the cut, you could probably try to paint a pattern on it with a low contrast permanent marker as you might see here (by just the idea):

[Image: cartoon-print-cute-draw-cord-pajama-pant...3461_0.jpg]

would make so much out of it! <3

Love to hear your feedback on these ideas.