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Introduce and discuss your Kawaii Blog!
Ooh, how fun! I think I might have heard of your Twitter, actually ^^ But I don't really use Twitter anymore, it's just not for me *^*
For me, I hate when DDLG accounts follow me. I have nothing against them, but I feel kinda weird when kink accounts follow me. I'm 15 TT^TT

My blog is up and running now ^^ ----->

It's about lolita and fairy kei fashion, as well as make-up, beauty, DIY, reviews, Japanese culture, sometimes recipes and the occasional life post Tongue
I am looking to interact with more like-minded bloggers so I'd love to hear about some more kawaii blogs ;D
Heart The cuter the better! Heart



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RE: Introduce and discuss your Kawaii Blog! - by Mochi - 08-10-2017, 11:46 PM

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