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Upgrade your Fairy-Kei garments
Heeellooooo Faaiiiiriiiieeeeess!!!

I just read an aweseome advice that is so easy.

Oftentimes we find the cutest designs on childrens clothes, but these clothes hardly fit any teenager or grownup.
So what to do?

HA: here is the answer!

We just cut out the design we like and sew it onto our fitting garments!

here is a short howto:

Cut the favored design out and remember to leave a 0,5 to 1 cm border.

Fold the border to the back. Attach the "Patch" on the position you want to have it on your fitting garment and fix it with several needles,
preferrably through the folded border of the "patch" so that it wont slide or open the fold when you sew it.

Here is a short video for the very beginners to hand sew patches onto something:

its easy! and soooo coool!

Be careful with ironing, always. If you need or want to iron a design on something be sure to put something between between the hot iron and the design or print like a towel. If its a thin towel reduce the iron temperature first and make sure the iron has time to cool down.

Enjoy your beautiful life fairies!

I love ya!


What is this all about, if you live from day to day without any love for all the cute details?

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