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Bodyline and Fairy Kei
Although Bodyline is mostly a lolita store, it has some items perfect for FK too! I'll share some of my favourite ones too- feel free to do the same ^^ If you post pictures of your coords- even better!
Bodyline is currently having a huge sale and you can get everything for dirt cheap as they seem to be trying to clear out stock.
Take advantage of this  Wink

[Image: 10hraps.png]

Although BL's pettis are kinda meh for lolita, their pan048 is a jackpot! They have a few other tutus too, but the one I have ordered is this one (I'll post pics when it arrives)
Tutus are a FK staple, and at just £5, how was I supposed to resist? (I bought it in addition to a lolita dress)
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if you order some, order me 2 as well. or 5. then I try to sell them on the forum! They look awesome!
pff.. 5 UKP is cheap! really cool!
What is this all about, if you live from day to day without any love for all the cute details?
I ended up buying one with a lolita dress ^^ When I make an outfit with it, I'll post it .It's so soft and fluffy, and soooo cheap *-*
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