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Porcelain Doll Make-Up~
So, I posted my first make-up tutorial on my blog ^^ I was a bit nervous but I gotta get out of my comfort zone, right?

Here it is;

I honestly look so awkward in the pictures, and they are all unedited >< I hope I look fine *^*

[Image: Screen%2BShot%2B2017-08-11%2Bat%2B00.23.07.png]
[Image: Screen%2BShot%2B2017-08-11%2Bat%2B00.38.58.png]

I think this is the perfect look for more soft and floaty fairy kei coords, it's a subtle but cute look with a big emphasis on the eyes ~

Hopefully you like it, and here's to looking less awkward in future tutorials, heh ;D Heart
Heart The cuter the better! Heart


MOCHI!!!! whaaaa.... I wrote that you never give out any images of you but NOW its HERE infrontofmyeyes!
Its sooo cool!

I cannot believe this. Faries and Trolls, we have a WONDER HERE!

of course I like the dress, its very beautiful. The ribbon looks cool 2.

I wonder where your self made jewlry is. The makeu(q) looks so nice! How shiny and cute your li(q)s are!
(my letter between o and q isnt working, as well as questionmarks. have mercy!)

I dont like the faked lenses but if you do, thats fine. It looks a bit scary to me!

What did you do in this outfit(question)

you must forgive me that i didnt see you earlier!

love & magic

(you know who)
What is this all about, if you live from day to day without any love for all the cute details?

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