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hi there!
hi everyone! my name is kay, i'm 19, and i just stumbled upon this forum while looking for fairy kei groups to join!

i've been passionate about fairy kei for several years, but recently i've taken the initiative to try to ease into wearing it on occasion. my favorite is spank! kei, due to how versatile it is to wear and how it can easily be worn casually for more low key outings :^) i'm a college student so my budget is quite low, but i like to flip my old clothes to buy fairy kei items.

my fave inspirations are tavuchi + yori of spank!, and aisutan, the creator of creamy ice! i really admire their work and the coords that they put together.

recently i was actually able to buy some creamy ice pouches through accio tokyo, and i'm so so happy with them! i feel the need to share (i'll try to attach a picture).

[Image: tumblr_p0m6gk6Gzj1w8k35qo1_400.jpg]
anyway, it's nice to meet you all!

(i also run a kawaii blog on tumblr called virtualpetz, same as my username here!! feel free to follow me there)
[Image: _m_zpshteccq0t.gif][Image: _m_zpsm3hqacyp.gif]
Hi virtualpetz!

Thank you for your interesting introduction! Its soo cool to meet new fairies from all around the globe, as its so few.
I glanced into your blog and really liked the items and your overall makeup, especially the my little pony!
Hopefully you'll find a lot of friends here, who share your interests. You can help to increase the community by encouraging others to take part.
Maybe you upload one of your outfits into the outfit section? Id be happy to see you there!

Magical blessings!

princess <3
What is this all about, if you live from day to day without any love for all the cute details?
Ooh, nice to meet you! I loooove those pouches, they're adorable *o* Hmm, maybe I could DIY something similar? I've been searching for DIY inspiration lately Tongue I love Creamy Ice! Tavuchi too, she's adorable and very inspiring c:
Heart The cuter the better! Heart



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